Foundry of Aluminum Castings

Wagner Automotiv d.o.o. produces aluminum casted parts up to a weight of 6 kg. We produce more than 2,000 tons annually, that is, over 6,000,000 pieces. In the process we use the following aluminum alloys:

EN AC 46000 (226D),
EN AC 47100 (231D),
EN AC 43400 (239D),
EN AC 44300 (230D),
EN AC 46100.

Foundry Wagner Automotiv d.o.o. disposes sophisticated equipment from world renowned manufacturers in the field of die casting. It has fourteen fully automated casting cells, as follows:

3 casting cells Bühler Evolution 53 D,

4 casting cells Bühler Classic B 66 D,

6 casting cells Bühler Classic B 84 DV,

1 casting cells Bühler Evolution 105 DL.