Wagner Automotiv successfully completed 2016 and invested EUR 2 million

As part of the LRC project Credit certification companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, our company Wagner Automotiv is in line with the results achieved singled out as an above-average firm and ranked at the very top of its creditworthy partners.

In 2016, the LRC d.o.o. At the Bussines Leadership Conference in Sarajevo, has started issuing a Certificate of Creditworthiness to Businesses, which, based on expert analysis of financial statements and other economic indicators, can evaluate the high degree of likelihood that they are financially reliable partners.

The overall assessment of the financial status of the company was made on the basis of dynamic and static indicators, the assessment of indicators of financial position and financial result.

Eight different indicators were used for the assessment , which are calculated on the basis of the value of items in the annual financial statement – balance sheet and income statement. Some indicators are standard indicators such as current and accelerated ROA and ROE indicators, while some are specific and derivative and include multiple items in the financial statements.