Wagner Automotiv d.o.o. Gradačac presented its potential at the prestigious fair of Volkswagen suppliers.

Wagner Automotiv d.o.o. Gradačac, as well as TMD Group d.o.o. Gradačac, presented their potential at the 11th international supplier fair of the Volkswagen company, which was recently held in Wolfsburg, in the Federal Republic of Germany.

This prestigious fair was an excellent opportunity for networking and presenting the business activities and novelties of companies from the automotive industry, among which is Wagner Automotiv, a company that supplies 90% of its products to the automotive industry.

In addition to the exhibition part of the program, representatives of companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to see numerous achievements, innovations, but also the focus of the future development of the automotive industry, which is focused on electrification, smart services, sustainability, production and industry 4.0, cyber-security and the sustainability of the supply chain.

The second and third days of the fair were marked by numerous direct meetings of representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina with potential customers, suppliers, and competitors, which resulted in constructive discussions, new innovative solutions, but also ways to improve existing production, optimize it and reduce costs.

On this occasion, the future of the automotive industry and the speed of changes taking place in this branch of the industry could be seen at the fair. This is exactly what BH is ordering the automotive industry to follow trends and continue active presence at world exhibitions of major car manufacturers that determine the direction of the development of the automotive industry.

The representatives of the company Wagner Automotiv want to provide support to their suppliers so that both parties are satisfied in the long term, and the visit was organized with the aim of informing about all the possibilities and available equipment and infrastructure that the companies have there.

The mission of the company Wagner Automotiv, which dates back to 2012, is to be a reliable supplier of aluminum castings for the automotive industry, the household appliance industry, the lighting industry, etc., and to maintain the status of a recognizable brand in this branch of the metal industry.

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